‘By offering me an education, Catholic Relief Services has empowered me for life .’

    Before he was 10 years old, Thomas was orphaned and left to survive and struggle on his own in Ghana. School was certainly the last thing he dreamed of. Today, he has a master’s degree from California State University Hayward. How did Thomas get a fresh start at life?

       It happened through contributions to Catholic Relief Services’ humanitarian work in Africa. Thomas was motivated by food provided by CRS to the children in his village who went to school. He was hungry for food, not an education. Eventually, though, Thomas developed a strong personal interest in school. His new life, deep abiding faith in God and spiritual determination propelled him to a renewed dignity, hope and academic achievements.

        Thomas told CRS representatives in Ghana, ” By offering me an education, Catholic Relief Services empowered me for life. Believe me, there are millions of people like me in Africa who are doing better today because of the help provided by CRS through the generosity of people in the United States.”

        Since 1943, in nearly 100 countries, Catholic Relief Services has given help and hope where they are most needed, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

SOURCE:  catholicdigest  FAITH & FAMILY LIVING  December 2012


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