Being a Roman Catholic Christian By: Nicholai Lucenos

Me, As a Laity of the Church was interested to know what I’m believing behind of the Church. In the past few years I was encouraged my neighbor to attend their bible study and the time of that call, I filled with strength to response that invitation. For that invitation, I was attended a few meetings of their bible study which is reading the God’s Word, Reflection, sharing and bonding as a believer of Christ along of my two siblings and friends. After the event , their is a another second time invitation in the friend of my mother who is also an active church believer. I response along with my other siblings, friends attending the bible study, fellowship. In the other meeting of that , I feel courageous to share God’s Word in front of them. I was participating also their activities like interpretative action the background of Christianity. One of their member ask me about my name, year, last name along with my three siblings participating that time.

On the other day, my grandmother told me that the church which I am participated is the other religion. She warn me to stop going of that Church. On that time, I was no longer attending that Church and the year come. My grandmother was is encouraging me to join their organization which is the Perpetual Dawn Rosary. On the Time pass by I feel interested to join that organization with my Lola praying rosary, and other prayers. Praying Rosary to Mary and Intercession of the Saints was my habit to attend every 4:30 am, 5:00 am. When I was an active member of their organization there is a election of organizer and I’m one of their elected official as a Chapter Auditor and I’m only who is young starting of my school as a third year student in high school.

In my situation as a student and pushing myself to wake up as early in the dawn because of the Rosary, I was feel embarrassed that this activity is so difficult to follow.  But on that time I pushed myself to join and I think that this is not a bad activity. In the other months come, I was an active member praying with seriousity to Mary. After praying I feel happy and there is also a sign that Mary is knocking myself to join always like fragrant of roses infront of her statue / image and everytime I had a problem I offered him everyday, Inside of the class putting a rosary inside of my pocket.  Everytime was answered of Mary I feel courageous and Full of spirit that she is truly Mother of Jesus. Why I’am say about this because I think Mary is so close with his son when I Intercede her in my prayer. In praying Rosary there is also a part of our activity is her litany , Intercession of the Saints. I cannot heard inside of the organization teach that Mary is God and to worship her but to respect and venerate is truly practice as a Mother.  Along of my co- member calling a meeting because of their convention. On the subject of convention my co- member told me to join the convention about Mary in Theotokos Shrine Carcar Cebu City, Because they can see that I’ am an active member they offer a oppurtunity to join. In myself I feel interested also to join that event with my Lola.


There is a week of preparation on the Arrival of the members on a ship.

On the time came to Cebu there is a time to relax after travelling and after that there is another travel to the focal point of that place using a Van Transporation along the way. Inside of the Van I feel happy that there is a time which I see various views along the road, Electronic Traffic Lights  on the road of Minglanilla to San Fernando and on the other way is the Carcar Cebu City. On the time of convention along three days of orientation, Lectrues and others. That place is filled of flowers on the rocky mountain which I am describing with the big statue of our Lady Of Fatima (apparation of Mary to Portugal) and also the other three statues of children praying to Mary handle a Rosary. On the other day, I went their Prayer Room praying that after the convention my life is in the hands of success of my ambition, trial in life. That Place on which I addressed of my point of view is a Holy Place  a purpose why the Church owed many shrines so that the word of God must mark to the people and Mary as part in the Role of Salvation. There is A  Mass attending a lot of devotees, delegates, guest and also other believer outside of the country sponsoring a choir.  A lot of lecturer who is a priest and other was organized, I learn something about the Faith. There is a Lecture which I cannot forgot is the lecture of Rev.Fr. Fernando Suarez, showing his experience of how Mary is great. When Father Suarez talk about problems, there is a point that he said you are here because of Mary and after this convention your problem will be solved acted by the help of God. After this convention back to the place of devotion and there is a time that my co- member Bro. Mojer Villapaz, PDR told me to join the Catholic Faith Bible Study every Sunday and learn of what the Catholic Is! in the side of teaching, spirituality, evangelization is a wonderful view in the Church. On Bible study there is a time that I feel courageous to join these next Sunday on the lecture . Which is handled the one who lecture Bro. Fredeschito “Boy” Gador, Atty. Miguel Abas,CFD,CPA explaining the biblical basis of the teaching. On This Activity  I think that God is putting me in the right place on his Church knowing the doctrines, morality, spirituality. On the other part which is the past year of Ignorance that there is a Church founded by Jesus Christ which I believe right Now. Studying in Apologetics (DIPOLOG CITY CHAPTER) is an aid of my Faith witnessing the History of the Church. An active student of this organization  I swear to share the teaching, defend, live, and to know the Roman Catholic Church.

Thank you to all Catholic Faith Defenders in  room, websites, blogs, social media,especially in radio hosted by Bro.Cielbert Dondoyano,CFD and also my mentors in catholic faith.

The Calling to Defend our Roman Catholic Faith;

222    Faced with these realities, there is need of widespread catechesis and apologetics. We need not apologize for apologetic catechesis. Since its birth, Christianity has been subject to attacks from which it has had to defend itself. Jesus had to answer objections  to His early Christian errors, and charged his disciples to protect the faithful from them while keeping pure the deposit of the faith. Apologetics has always been part of  the pastoral and theological tradition of the Church. We must today be willing and able to defend our teaching in public fora, and we need to equip the faithful so that they can defend their faith. Parish priests must encourage and support the training of  lay Catholic faith defenders.

(Paragraph 222 , Second Plenary Council of the Philippines)


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