Cardinal Tagle has equal chance to be elected Pope

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MANILA, Feb. 26, 2013—As the world watches with anticipation the election of a new Pope following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, a Catholic archbishop has stressed that the sole Filipino Cardinal has an equal chance to be elected Pope.

Lingayen-Dagupan Emeritus Archbishop Oscar Cruz in a forum said that Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle has an equal chance to be elected as much as other cardinal-electors have.

“Of course, most of the cardinals will elect those whom they know because they are already aware of his qualifications, capacity and has proven his ability. As far as age is concerned, the cardinal is 56 and when John Paul II was elected Pope, he was 58 at that time, so there is no problem with the age,” Cruz said.

“But the only problem is, if a cardinal is new, other cardinals don’t yet know things about you, your knowledge, skills, how you handle your administration. And also, other countries have a lot of cardinal-electors unlike in our country, we only have one elector. Cardinal Tagle will encounter these problems as a new member of the College of Cardinals,” he added.

But the archbishop stressed that the Filipino cardinal is no doubt knowledgeable and holy.

“He is a very powerful fellow, humble and good. I haven’t seen him mad, he is always smiling, so I think he’s good,” Cruz furthered.

Three days from now, 117 Cardinals from all over the world will start converging in the Vatican to elect a new Pope after Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation takes effect on February 28 at 8 p.m., Rome time.

Following his resignation on February 28, Pope Benedict will be known as emeritus-pope or will simply be called Your Holiness Benedict XVI.

The Catholic Church is also calling on all faithful to pray for the Cardinals during the conclave. (Jandel Posion)



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