Napulo ka Sugo alang sa hustong pagbutar By: Rev. Fr. Ramil Corong, PPCRV Chairman Diocese of Dipolog!

 Ifm Dipolog

Straight to the point 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM makig kauban si kasamang Satation Manager Edgar Dagumo.

Sa Interview sa DXDR RMN Dipolog sa programang Straight to the point karong buntag kang Fr. Ramil Corong ang PPCRV Chairman sa Diocese of Dipolog.

Gipahibalo niini ang sumbanan sa pagpili sa kandidato.

Matud pa ni Fr. Corong ang “Napolo ka sugo sa hustong pagbuto o polo ka sugo sa insaktong nga pagbutar” mao ang….

1. Boto sumalasumala sa giingon sa imong konsinsiya.
2. Tahura ang desisyon sa uban, sapag pili sa kandidato.
3. Sutaa ang kamatinod-anon, ang katakos, ug ang uban pang mga hiyas, sa kandidato nga imong butohan.
4. Sabta ang mga isyu, mga paltaporma ug programa, sa mga kandidato nga imong butohan.
5. Ayaw ibaligya ang imong boto.
6. Ayaw butohi ang mga kandidato nga naggamit sa armas, gones, salapi, ug mga makasilaw nga pagpanghaylo.
7. Ayaw butohi ang mga kandidato nga nasayran nga limbongan ug kurakot.
8. Ayaw botohi ang mga kandidato tungod lang kay aduna kay utang kabobot-on, inila sa katilingban, mayog barog, og maayong makighugoyhugoy
9. Ayaw botuhi ang mga kandidato nga nagpoyo sa salawayong kinabuhi.
10. Butohi lamang ang mga kandidato kasang panlanataw, mao ang kaayuhan sa atong nasud ug dakbayan ug lungsod.

Sumala pa ni Fr. Ramil Corong mas bug-at alang kaniya ang ika pito nga sugo sa hutong pagbutar.

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Catholic Faith Defenders Dipolog City!

cfd youth

I miss this picture and you defenders of the faith!

CFD Dipolog youth was created in time of Bro. Francis Gonzales the Former CFD Dipolog Internal Vice President, founder (100% Katolikong Pinoy Facebook Fanpage Ministry Link: That person is very active in youth as well as to defend our Holy Roman Catholic Faith.

CFD Dipolog youth:

Bro. Francis Gonzales, Bro. Jomar Patolumbon, Bro. Jesus Madera, Bro. Brian Vailoces, Bro. Killeyjims Borja, Bro. Jugie R. Nugas and me Bro. Nicholai M. Luceños. The girl beside Bro. Francis Gonzales is the former admin of DXDR Dipolog Maa’m Dizon.

Congratulations to Bro. Wendell P. Talibong,Ssvp, CFD!


The debate was cancelled by the President of SDA General Conference despite that SDA evangelist of Initao challenged the debate and the parish priest of Initao accepted the challenged. SDA General Conference urges all SDA pastors and Evangilists not to face in public debate against Catholic for the reason not to destroy the relationship between SDA and Catholic Church. However, the decision was made on the day before the scheduled debate. (Statement of Bro. Wendell P. Talibong, Ssvp the Catholic Faith Defender of the Archdiocese of Ozamis currently CFD National External Vice President coming from his facebook timeline)

-Still there to proclaim our Catholic Faith by conducting religious rally after receiving the information that the debate was cancelled. Did you know that Bro. Wendell already recovered by a tremendous attack of the devil last few months together with his son for an accident, still there to defend our Holy Roman Catholic Faith in a public fora. May we like Bro. Wendell very courageous to defend our faith at all times. We may pray to his son still in the process of recovering for his injury by the help grace of God.

In behalf of CFD Dipolog we salute you our fellow Brother in defending our Holy Roman Catholic Faith. God Bless you and all the members of CFD Archdiocese of Ozamis Chapter.


February 2, 2016 by splendor1618


The debate was cancelled by the President of SDA General Conference despite that SDA evangelist of Initao challenged for the debate and the parish priest of Initao accepted the challenged. SDA General Conference urges all SDA pastors and Evangilists not to face in public debate against Catholic for the reason not to destroy the relationship between SDA and Catholic Church. However, the decision was made on the day before the scheduled debate. 

Even though the scheduled debate between SDA and Catholic did not push through, I am very thankful to the CFDs from different chapters: Ozamiz Cathedral Chapter, Clarin, Maranding Lanao del Norte, Pagadian, Iligan, Manticao, Gingoog CDO, Initao and CFD Davao who attended and showed their full support.








In a pastoral exhortation, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said the bishops are determined to make sure the Church is a safe environment for all Catholics, especially for children.

The statement, crafted during its plenary assembly in Cebu City last month, intends to guide the dioceses based on a global approach but in line with local criminal law. (READ: Pastoral Exhortation on the Pastoral Care and Protection of Minors)

Archbishop Socrates Villegas, CBCP President, said both the universal and the local Church’s laws on sexual abuse remain in place and “demand strictest compliance.”

“Bishops will not pre-empt investigations by declaring innocence or pronouncing exoneration until after a thorough, impartial and credible evaluation of facts as established by competent evidence,” Villegas said.

The pastoral guideline states that no priest who is under investigation for child abuse or sexual harassment will be allowed to leave the diocese.

“The bishop, rather, shall take him under his supervision in the bishop’s residence to guarantee his availability for the process of investigation,” he said.

The same rule applies in respect to priests already facing trial, said Villegas.

According to the bishops, there is absolutely no place in ministry for those who abuse minors, and there is much less no way of defending the abuse of children and the assault on vulnerable sectors in our society.

“The abuse and molestation of children is intrinsically wrong, and its repulsiveness does not admit of mitigation,” Villegas said.

The bishops are also resolute to protect the children from abuse and vowed to offer appropriate care for victims and their families.

“Child-victims of clerical abuse are to be attended to, the bishop seeing to the medical, psychological and spiritual care that they need,” Villegas said.

“Claims for financial assistance, damages or indemnity should await the proper disposition of the courts,” he added.

To root out sexual abuse of children by priests, the bishops also assured cooperation with the Vatican as a new commission on child protection, created by Pope Francis, started to work early last year. (Roy Lagarde/CBCPNews)


Transcript of Pope Francis’ message to the 51st IEC

Pope Francis announcing the next International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, Hungary. (CBCPNews)

Pope Francis announcing the next International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, Hungary. (CBCPNews)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I greet all of you gathered in Cebu for the Fifty-first International Eucharistic Congress. I thank Cardinal Bo, who is my representative among you, and I offer a special greeting to Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop Palma and the bishops, priests and faithful in Cebu. I also greet Cardinal Tagle and all the Catholics of the Philippines. I am particularly happy that this Congress has brought together so many people from the vast continent of Asia and from throughout the world.

Just one year ago, I visited the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Yolanda. I was able to witness at first hand the deep faith and resilience of its people. Under the protection of Santo Niño, the Filipino people received the Gospel of Jesus Christ some five hundred years ago. Ever since, they have given the world an example of fidelity and deep devotion to the Lord and his Church. They have also been a people of missionaries, speading the light of the Gospel in Asia and to the ends of the earth.

The theme of the Eucharistic Congress – Christ in You, Our Hope of Glory – is very timely. It reminds us that the risen Jesus is always alive and present in his Church, above all in the Eucharist, the sacrament of his Body and Blood. Christ’s presence among us is not only a consolation, but also a promise and a summons. It is a promise that everlasting joy and peace will one day be ours in the fullness of his Kingdom. But it is also a summons to go forth, as missionaries, to bring the message of the Father’s tenderness, forgiveness and mercy to every man, woman and child.

How much our world needs this message! When we think of the conflicts, the injustices and the urgent humanitarian crises which mark our time, we realize how important it is for every Christian to be a true missionary disciple, bringing the good news of Christ’s redemptive love to a world in such need of reconciliation, justice and peace.

So it is fitting that this Congress has been celebrated in the Year of Mercy, in which the whole Church is invited to concentrate on the heart of the Gospel: Mercy. We are called to bring the balm of God’s merciful love to the whole human family, binding up wounds, bringing hope where despair so often seems to have the upper hand.

As you now prepare to “go forth” at the end of this Eucharistic Congress, there are two gestures of Jesus at the Last Supper which I would ask you to reflect on. Both have to do with the missionary dimension of the Eucharist. They are table fellowship and the washing of feet.

We know how important it was for Jesus to share meals with his disciples, but also, and especially, with sinners and the outcast. Sitting at table, Jesus was able to listen to others, to hear their stories, to appreciate their hopes and aspirations, and to speak to them of the Father’s love. At each Eucharist, the table of the Lord’s Supper, we should be inspired to follow his example, by reaching out to others, in a spirit of respect and openness, in order to share with them the gift we ourselves have received.

In Asia, where the Church is committed to respectful dialogue with the followers of other religions, this prophetic witness most often takes place, as we know, through the dialogue of life. Through the testimony of lives transformed by God’s love, we best proclaim the Kingdom’s promise of reconciliation, justice and unity for the human family. Our example can open hearts to the grace of the Holy Spirit, who leads them to Christ the Savior.

The other image which the Lord offers us at the Last Supper is the washing of feet. On the eve of his passion, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as a sign of humble service, of the unconditional love with which he gave his life on the Cross for the salvation of the world. The Eucharist is a school of humble service. It teaches us readiness to be there for others. This too is at the heart of missionary discipleship.

Here I think of the aftermath of the typhoon. It brought immense devastation to the Philippines, yet it also brought in its wake an immense outpouring of solidarity, generosity and goodness. People set about rebuilding not just homes, but lives. The Eucharist speaks to us of that power, which flows from the Cross and constantly brings new life. It changes hearts. It enables us to be caring, to protect the poor and the vulnerable, and to be sensitive to the cry of our brothers and sisters in need. It teaches us to act with integrity and to reject the injustice and corruption which poison the roots of society.

Dear friends, may this Eucharistic Congress strengthen you in your love of Christ present in the Eucharist. May it enable you, as missionary disciples, to bring this great experience of ecclesial communion and missionary outreach to your families, your parishes and communities, and your local Churches. May it be a leaven of reconciliation and peace for the entire world.

Now, at the end of the Congress, I am happy to announce that the next International Eucharistic Congress will take place in 2020 in Budapest, Hungary. I ask all of you to join me in praying for its spiritual fruitfulness and for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all engaged in its preparation. As you return to your homes renewed in faith, I gladly impart my Apostolic Blessing to you and your families as a pledge of abiding joy and peace in the Lord.

God Bless you: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.