Last July 30, 2017 CFD/B.A. Diocese of Dipolog Apologetics Program!

     Last July 30, 2017 Diocese of Dipolog (North Diocese) Bible Apostolate and Catholic Apologetics “Ang Lanog sa Kamatuoran” Program every sunday at 8:00pm-9:00pm at RMN DXDR Dipolog thru radio 981 AM Band, 94.1 FM Band. Live at RMN DXDR Dipolog at youtube channel. Also the program of Bro. Cielbert Dondoyano our CFD Dipolog internal Vice President at RMN Dipolog every Sunday at 6:00am-7:00am. Also the program our co Catholic Faith Defenders in South Diocese of Dipolog Bro. Willie Embodo, Bro. Eugene Gapo, Bro. Abet Embodo, Bro. Junie Agrabio and others.


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