THE CFD National Board of Governors approved the CFD National Convention will be in Manila!

2– The BOG approved d CFD Natl Convention in Manila with some modifications, namely: the one who will deliver the CFD Natl report will be CFD natl spiritual director Fr Lucas Inoc; bro Socrates Fernandez will be the one to deliver the topic on Immaculate Conception and Assumption, the he will answer the open forum in the first or 2nd day. We should all avoid any hint to touch d sensitive topic on God died, else there might ensue endless debates. We would like to know who will be the emcee and moderator, the payment for registration and accommodation of at least 200-300 participants from various pars of the country, since this is not a local CFD Manila convention but a national one. Tnx and God bless. – from CFD BOG DECISIONS during its February 25 2017 meeting in Dipolog City. (From Facebook Timeline of Dr. Rey Entila, Ph.D., CFD National Secretary via:

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