Moments In Ozamiz City with the CFD Members and Leaders!


AT DXDD AM Dan-ag sa Dakbayan Broadcasting Corporation via Radio and Television. It is a grace from God to be with Bro. Thata Rosal (CFD Ozamiz) host the religious program “LAMDAG” with Bro. Angel Nano (CFD Dipolog), Bro. Lorjun L. Obina (CFD Ozamiz)last April 7, 2016. Bro. Thata Rosal shared about the possession of demonic attack of some people of ozamiz and they had made a deliberance prayer led by Bro. Wendell P. Talibong and all CFD members of Ozamiz.

'God s g0od'4369

We attended the Catechism Class led by Dr. Jose Gonzalo Ditching (CFD National Internal Vice President, CFD Ozamiz Chapter Member) of CFD Ozamiz every wednesday at 7:00pm-8:00pm with the members of CFD Ozamiz.

'God s g0od'4376.jpg

We had a picture taking with Bro. Wendell P. Talibong,Ssvp (CFD National President for External Affair, CFD Ozamiz Member Chapter) after his religious program named ” Panaw sa Pagtoong Katoliko” and we also have the opportunity to share and know more about our Roman Catholic Faith. via DXDD AM Radio/Television Network. Bro. Wendell answering questions and talk about the possession of demonic attacks some of people in ozamiz city, and they had make a deliberance prayers with the members of CFD Ozamiz.

Why we go to Ozamiz City?
We attended (Bro. Nicholai M. Luceños, CFD Dipolog ; Bro. Lorjun L. Obina, CFD Ozamiz ; Bro. Angel Nano, CFD Dipolog a franciscan religious brother in DOPIM Bible Apostolate Quarterly Meeting at Archbishop Residence, Catadman Ozamiz City. We are representing Diocese of Dipolog in North and South with Bro. Abet Embodo, Bro. Junie Agrabio (B.A. Liloy). For the glory of God. PRO DEO ET ECCLESIA….


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