Rest in Peace! My Eulogy to Sir Armando By: Bro. Francis Gonzales,CFD

The news came to me that His Excellency Bishop Ver Caermare, the Bishop of the Diocese of Dipolog, is the one who celebrated the Wake Mass for the late Armando Saguin. It is such an honor and a blessing from God! Though all Masses have the same effect for the soul regardless of whatever priestly status celebrated it, the celebration of a bishop means much since he is the direct successor of the Twelve Apostles of Christ.

I had also been informed that my video was played during the event. I didn’t ask for it, but my friends made the intiative to do it. Thank you very much, friends! Even if physically I am absent there, but you made a part of me and of my effort present there in the wake. I made the video to emphasize that Sir Armand is a co-soldier of mine. He may be fallen, but in truth he is risen like a star in the night, and will leave a legacy for all of us whom God had still called to earthly battle presently

There is also beauty that happened last night that is very symbolical for me. Ten years ago (2006), Bishop Ver is my rector. That month of March ten years ago I as a seminarian am cowering in fear, in confusion. That time, I was not considering the priesthood anymore, but trying to clear the mist in my mind for another path in life. I was on my way to exit the seminary that time. I asked from my rector a Letter of Recommendation which he will hand to me a month later. That Letter had not been given to any other seminary anymore, but I had kept its purpose. I gave that letter in the Altar of the Lord with the question: “Where will You send me?”

Years after, I found myself being active in teaching through the CFD, my years of background in the Bible equipped me for CFD.

And now, I am still in the Church. Yes, I left physically CFD Dipolog, but I am still a member willing to contribute to it. The event yesterday in Centennial Chapel, in the wake of the late Armando Saguin is actually like a report card to my former rector unfolding before his eyes, telling where I am now, and pointing out on what path I had taken years after I left the undertakings for the priesthood. He might had realized that I didn’t stray too far away from the Church, but is always within her and with her, actively working for her, because I love God and His Church. I didn’t stay in the Church because I was former seminarian, but because my heart is really throbbing for the Church of Christ.

A seminary history, a CFD history, and the current situation, all fused into one, all pointing out that God is with us in every step of the way, weaving our lives to another legacy. As St. Paul has put it, “For in everything God works for the good of those who love Him, those whom He has called according to His purpose.” (Rom 8:28) May we always be enlightened by the light iof faith!

Francis Gonzales's photo.
Statement from Bro. Francis Gonzales, our former officer of Catholic Faith Defender OF Our Lady of Most Holy Rosary Cathedral Parish Dipolog Chapter,Diocese of Dipolog., also the founder of facebook ministry the “100% katolikong Pinoy” a religious facebook fanpage doing evangelization of faith.Source:

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