Message to 100% Katolikong Pinoy on your 9th year Anniversary!



Happy Anniversary 100% Katolikong Pinoy Web Ministry on your 9th year anniversary! It is not easy and a lot of challenges and trials, had been face to make this web ministy available in the whole world for the reason that you love our Holy Catholic Faith. Had been recognized by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, to promote evangelization and others with regard to our faith is a sense of duty and your group made this in possible by the help of God. In one of the parable of the gospel is the parable of mustard seed, and 100% katolikong Pinoy can be like a mustard seed in the beginning but now is like a tree full of fruits, and one of the fruit is your readers and me himself. May this web ministry will continue doing the evangelization proclaiming truths and others for the glory of God. I salute you all especially the founder Bro. Francis Gonzales is one of my mentor in Catholic Faith Defender Dipolog Chapter make this web ministry came to realize.

In behalf of all the members/officers of the Catholic Faith Defenders/Bible Apostolate Our Lady of Most Holy Rosary Cathedral Parish Dipolog City Chapter, we congratulate 100% Katolikong Pinoy on your 9th year anniversary. More anniversaries to come. God Bless us All… Pro Deo et Ecclesia (For God and the Church, CFD Motto)

Bro. Nicholai M. Luceños,CFD,PDR– New CFD Chapter President Dipolog City Chapter

Atty. Miguel L. Abas, CFD– CFD National Bible Consultant/CFD Director Dipolog City Chapter

(left)Bro. Francis Gonzales the founder of 100% katolikong pinoy with the members of CFD Dipolog Chapter youth (Bro.Jugie R. Nugas, Bro. Brian Vailoces, Bro.Nicholai M.Luceños,Sis. Crisle Cardenas). a picture of memory of him.



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