Robert Ibrahim Macabulos: Catholic convert from Moslem to Catholic.

Robert Ibrahim Macabulos

Robert Ibrahim Macabulos

I am Ibrahim before father was a muslim before and ive practiced islam ..but i can’t find peace there. . Robert Spencer helped me to find my way back home.. and i found out that muhammad is a forged person. They have a huge anger to Christians and jews .. they’re planning to sack vatican and transform it into a mosque.. they are terrifying one of their plann is to push Bangsamoro to tart a war. 

Im one of their fine missionaries..and i hadreceivedmany converts. I pray ardently against nonbelievers. Magaaral na sana ako bilang uztadz in Saudi. The mosque planned to use me in television. But the Lord reserved a day for my conversion . He used His Most powerful weapon… the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I am a wild fire in the streets of cavite but I was liquified by the waters of mercy. Our Lady humbled me and inspired me to be a Catholic again… to be her defender. It is the Mary Help of Christians and my mother has an old perpetual help.. She smiled at me and I’ve promised to be her defender. As a Muslim, I have found it easy to confide with her since we greatly honour her.

The brothers became angry and warned me.. i cant go out of my house then.. my mother is crying for my life.  

I stand for the faith. Know what Father? Even though I’m still struggling for perfection, the greatest thing that happened in my life is when I became a Catholic. I’m finding ways on how i can put my little self for the service of the Church.

I’m not afraid to be martyred for Christ. I will not use an alias Father. Glory to Him Who owns my soul! I’ll defend the Church even by blood Father.

Allah is a fearsome and selfish Portrayal of God.. He cannot sacrifice himself… He is afraid of the Cross.

Amen. Sweet Jesus.



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