Congratulations to Bro. Wendell P. Talibong,Ssvp, CFD!


The debate was cancelled by the President of SDA General Conference despite that SDA evangelist of Initao challenged the debate and the parish priest of Initao accepted the challenged. SDA General Conference urges all SDA pastors and Evangilists not to face in public debate against Catholic for the reason not to destroy the relationship between SDA and Catholic Church. However, the decision was made on the day before the scheduled debate. (Statement of Bro. Wendell P. Talibong, Ssvp the Catholic Faith Defender of the Archdiocese of Ozamis currently CFD National External Vice President coming from his facebook timeline)

-Still there to proclaim our Catholic Faith by conducting religious rally after receiving the information that the debate was cancelled. Did you know that Bro. Wendell already recovered by a tremendous attack of the devil last few months together with his son for an accident, still there to defend our Holy Roman Catholic Faith in a public fora. May we like Bro. Wendell very courageous to defend our faith at all times. We may pray to his son still in the process of recovering for his injury by the help grace of God.

In behalf of CFD Dipolog we salute you our fellow Brother in defending our Holy Roman Catholic Faith. God Bless you and all the members of CFD Archdiocese of Ozamis Chapter.

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