The Opening of the Cause for Martyrdom of Padre Francesco Palliola, SJ!


Last January 6, 2016 the opening of the Cause for Martyrdom of Padre Francesco Palliola, S.J. made held at Our Lady of Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, Dipolog City.


Most Rev. Severo Cagatan Caermare, D.D. Bishop, Diocese of Dipolog give a homily as he include about the life of Padre Francesco Palliola, S.J. that Fr. Francesco is came from rich family. Bishop visited the home of Fr. Francesco Palliola, S.J. in Italy as he witnessed the PALACIO de Palliola a home of Fr. Palliola he said. Why this person became priest? the bishop asked a question?


A lot of lay faithful witness the occasion.


priests from Diocese of Dipolog, attended the event. Some also are religious, bishops and other are guests.




The detailed information about martrydom of Fr. Palliola. died in Ponot now Jose Dalman of Province of Zamboanga del Norte in January 29, 1946. a lot of testimonies and reports about the healing and answered prayers of this holy priest Fr. Palliola.





Born in Nola, he devoted his life to religion at a very young age; together with other 4 priests he was chosen to follow father Marcello Mastrilli in the difficult Missions in the Philippines, where he was slayed by indigenous people of Mindanao on January 29th 1648.

He was educated as a young man in the School of the Society in Nola, and as a novice of the Province he was preparing himself to Priesthood in the Episcopal Seminary of that City. Later, fascinated by the fame of Mastrilli, his Apostolate and also his speeches, he wished to follow him in his Missions.

After his ordination as a priest, he joined the Society of Jesus on February 6th 1637; after his first year of novitiate, he went to Amantea (Calabria), then to Salerno and, after repeated requests, he travelled to the Far East. Arrived in the Philippines in 1643, then in Mindanao, his fervour to convert the infidels was such that he wrote his superiors: “…I am very pleased in this mission and I will consider myself lucky to be a missionary in these lands for all my life…”. Father Francesco, ended up among the Subanos, some of the most barbaric indigenous people, he learned their language, building three Churches and several wooden houses in the main Subano villages. He died on his knees with the crucifix he had brought from Rome and the Rosary in his hands. The killers were led by an Apostate woman, called Giovanna and a Gentile, called Tampilo; the former grabbed the Martyr’s hair and wounded his face; the latter hit his head and knock him out, riddling his body with a spear. The Christians picked up his blood-soaked corpse, deposited it into a coffin and sent it with great honours to Dapitan. This story was written by the Spanish historian Retana.

The Process to present the Cause for the Beatification of this venerable martyr took place in the past. Other biographers wrote about Palliola: such as Combes and Murillo. (The autograph of his Latinized name is Palleola, as it is indicated in the Catalogue of Vows he expressed in the College of Amantea, on February 7th 1639)(Source:

The URL of the uploaded video covering the event of opening for martyrdom of Padre Francesco Palliola, S.J. can be reached through the link below:

  Uploaded By: Bro. Cielbert Adriatico Dondoyano,Sr. – Catholic Faith Defender, Dipolog Chapter

Photo Credit: Bro. Cielbert A. Dondoyano, Sr. Facebook





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