Today’s Holy Gospel: St Mk 10: 35-45 ( October 18, 2015) By: Sis. Niña R. Guzarem, CFD Dumaguete!

Today’s Holy Gospel:
St Mk 10: 35-45
There was a man invited in a party. He came into the venue and seated on a VIP seat. But the celebrant came and told him that that seat is reserved for someone else.
There are TWO important points in the Gospel today:
1. The request of apostles James & John; and
2. Jesus’ response to them.
The request of the two apostles allows us to reflect on ourselves that sometimes, we are also like them. Wanting & longing for POWER, AUTHORITY & POSITION. They are not bad but when abused, they will make us proud and arrogant.
For our Lord Jesus Christ, it’s not POWER, AUTHORITY & POSITION that matters. It’s about SERVING, LOVING and HELPING one another so that ONE DAY we will be together with Him in glory SITTING at the VIP SEAT reserved by God, our Father.
To become great is to serve and to be first is to become a slave of all. Just as Jesus, our Lord, came to serve, not to be served, giving His life just for us to live.
Have a blessed Sunday smile emoticon.
God’s Blessings

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