Today’s Holy Gospel: St Mk 10:2-16 . October 4, 2015 (Sunday)!

Today’s Holy Gospel:

St Mk 10:2-16 .

By:  Sis. Niña R. Guzarem, CFD Dumaguete City, Philippines


There was this child who asked her Lola, ‘Lola, how did you survive in your married life this long?’ The grandmother answered, ‘It’s because WE were born in the generation where WE FIX BROKEN things RATHER THAN THROWING THEM AWAY’. . In our generation today, the Sacrament of Matrimony is threatened, bills have been passed to destroy what God has united to become one. Using the intelligence of man to defy God’s commandment, husband divorces his wife and wife divorces her husband whenever they believe that their relationship is unfixable. . In today’s Gospel, Jesus RE-EMPHASIZES the sanctity of Marriage and that we should be like children, everytime they quarrel, they become friends again, over and over again. So, in our married lives, let us be like children, humble and innocent, for only by becoming like them can we inherit the kingdom of God.


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