Holy Gospel:Mk 7:31-37. (Sunday, September 6, 2015)! By: Sis. Niña R. Guzarem, CFD

Today’s Holy Gospel:Mk 7:31-37 .

REFLECTION: As we can see in today’s Holy Gospel, some people brought to Jesus a deaf man who can hardly talk. They asked the Lord to heal the man and so Jesus took him away from the crowd and healed him. . In our generation today, who are the deaf people? Who are the mute people? And who are these people who can bring the deaf & the mute to our Lord Jesus Christ? The deaf are those who chose to ignore the immorality of today. The mute are those who chose to be in silence despite of having seen injustice. And the people who can bring these people to our Lord for HEALING can be YOU, ME, or THEMSELVES! It is everyone’s duty to speak for justice and the TRUTH! So, Let’s ask the Lord for strength. . +Dear Lord Jesus Christ, in Your mercy and grace, please grant HEALING TO US, Your spiritually deaf and mute sons and daughters. We are hoping that this Divine Healing will lead us to CONVERSION.


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