Left to Right: Bro Nicholas Mukasa, Bro Felix Turyasiima, Bro Aloysius Kayiwa, Sister Cleophas Pacumbe, Bro Geofrey Ssebina, Bro Peter Ssemambo, Bro Edwin Kinene

A new dawn has arrived in Uganda! Catholic Faith Defender(CFD) is finally here in the Pearl of Africa! Praise God! The Lord is good always!

What started as a friendship has now resulted into the formation of the Ugandan Chapter of this great Apologetics Organization Catholic Faith Defenders-many thanks to Fr.Abe Arganiosa who inspired this plus other CFD leaders who have worked tirelessly for advancement of CFD and the defense of the Bride of Christ.

CFD Uganda members during the meeting

Special thanks also go to CFD President, Prof. Ramon Gitamondoc whose exemplary and effective leadership has seen the tremendous growth of CFD across the Philippines and beyond! It is our prayer that he will approve CFD Uganda once we are done with the basics.

We are also inpired by the zeal of Atty.Marwil Nacor Llasos and other CFD Apologists whose dedication to CFD is a great inspiration for others.

CFD Uganda initial meeting

In Uganda, Sunday 28th 2015 was the first initial meeting for CFD Uganda and we announce the formation of our CFD Chapter. The meeting should have been carried out in 2014 but due to a few challenges, everything remained in the pipeline.Thank God, our desire and fire for an Apologetics apostolate did not die with the challenges. We were able to have our first meeting last Sunday 28th June 2015 because we could not keep waiting while the attacks of Fundamentals and enemies of the Church are thrown at us from left and right.

Sister Cleophas raising a point during the meeting

Masterminded and chaired by Bro. Aloysius Kayiwa-a revert to the Catholic Church from Pentecostalism  and a seasoned defender of the Catholic faith-the meeting was attended by 8 young, passionate and energetic warriors filled with the love of the Lord and the faith. They are all Professionals in the fields of Project Planning and Management, Medical and Pharmaceuticals, Accountancy, Mass Communication,Business Management, Surveillance among others. Bro. Aloysius offered his house seating room as the venue for the meeting and also sponsored refreshments for the participants.

Bro Edwin Kinene-the silent warrior intercepting with an idea

Items on the meeting Agenda included;

Opening Prayer

Introduction of Members

Communication from the Chair

Introduction to Catholic Faith Defenders(CFD)

Recess period and Focus Group Discussion-Why Defend the Faith?

Introduction to Apologetics

AOB and wey forward

Closing prayer and departure

Bro Geofrey stressing  points during the meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, Bro Aloysius welcomed all members to the meeting and informed them that this was a blessing from the Lord that the meeting had become a reality. He informed them that all baptized faithful are called upon to be militants for the Church because of the attacks to the Church from cults and misguided Protestants.This is the reason why CFD Uganda is  being formed-to defend the faith!

He specifically Introduced CFD as an organisation of lay Catholics founded in the Philippines with the aim of helping in the Propagation of the Gospel; study of dogmas, doctrines, precepts and Sacred traditions of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and also preserve and defend the faith, moral and spiritual values and virtues of the faithful; strengthen and enhance their faith and actively participate in the apostolic activities of the Church principally through apologetics.

During the recess period, members discussed among themselves why there is need to defend the faith before resuming with and an exposition to Basic Apologetics(Introduction to Apologetics) in which members learnt that Apologetics is simply concerned with building the case for our faith, learning how to explain and defend the faith with confidence and  ease. There is another for everything!

Bro Nicholas, the passionate warrior is ready to defend the Apostolical faith

These few thing were specifically important for the members-who are deeply yearning for knowledge of the faith and skills for the defense for the faith.

Because of the great discussion that took place, the meeting, which was supposed to be carried out from 2-4pm ended at 6pm! The meeting was filled with moments of fun and activeness throughout. All members were free to put up ideas, augment and suggest way forward. There was a teaser moment too at the end of the meeting when Bro.Nicholas Mukasa asked  members why is Jesus called the Son of David?He he

With the success of the first meeting, CFD Uganda is trekking a promising way. Being the first of the kind in Uganda,there is of course a huge number of lay Christians interested in joining. Currently we are beginning in the Metropolitan Arch Diocese of Kampala and possibly CFD will spread to other eleven Dioceses of Uganda. As we hold meetings, we are also working simultaneously to get approval from the Archbishop of Kampala, Dr.Cyprian Kizito Lwanga and also get a National Spiritual Adviser. We have all the paper work required to register CFD Uganda with the Church in Uganda including CFD constitution, letters of Introduction among others. Thank God the beginning is promising and there is already commitment on the show.

We won’t burge along the way. We have specifically put our chapter under the Protection of Our Lord Jesus, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and the Holy Uganda Martyrs who were burnt alive for their refusal to renounce Jesus!

Although we lack a few logistics like a Data Projector to assist in training, this won’t disable our zeal in advancing CFD, the Propagation of the Gospel and the defense of our Faith. We are powered and God will provide. Prayer is our main weapon and with Prayer, God and His Saints  will assist us. We are also using CFD to inspire us to a life of renewal and discernment. All this for the glory of God and the Church. Pro Deo et Ecclessia!

Our next meeting is on Sunday 5th 2015 at St.Andrew Kaggwa Catholic Church Bukoto beginning from 2-4pm. Each member who attended our last meeting was tasked to come with a friend for the next meeting. We hope to elect a temporary leadership Committee in the upcoming meeting to guide CFD for the beginning until when a fully fledged leadership structure is elected.


June 28th 2015

S/N Names Occupation Parish Contact
1 Aloysius Kayiwa Project Planning and Management Holy Trinity Kamwokya 0783315973
2 Edwin Kinene Accountant Holy Trinity Kamwokya 0702221731
3 Nicholas Mukasa Pharmacist 07046441048
4 Geofrey Ssebina Medical Officer St.Kizito Bwaise 0774605041
5 Felix Turyasiima Customer Service Kyambogo University Chaplaincy 0784113601
6 Peter Ssemambo Business Management St.Gyaviira Bunamwaya 0783096459
7 Cleophas Pacumbe Surveillance System Controller Our Lady of Fatima Nankulabye 0789210485
8 Beatrice Nakalembe Tourism and Hospitality Holy Trinity Kamwokya

Bro Aloysius animating the discussion


Bro Aloysius explaining proceedings

Bro Felix stressing a point



CFD Uganda members  appearing as if they are checking around for a street preacher! he he

Pray for CFD, Pray for CFD Uganda. May God bless you!



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