Fr. Abe Arganiosa, the CFD National Adviser and CFD Luzon founder, delivering his message

Fr. Abe Arganiosa, the CFD National Adviser and CFD Luzon founder, delivering his message

Through the grace of God the first ever CFD LUZON CONVENTION was held last May 17, 2015 at the Sto. Domingo Church’s biggest Hall. The event was special because it was graced by the special presence of Fr. Abe Arganiosa the CFD National Adviser and founder of CFD Luzon being the first ever Tagalog to serve as CFD National Spiritual Adviser. This occasion marked the reunion of the Know the Truth tandem of Fr. Abe and Atty. Marwil Llasos the CFD Luzon Governor.

Bro. Marwil Llasos giving his Opening Remarks and introducing Fr. Abe Arganiosa.

About 200 CFD members from various parts of Luzon attended the Convention not only those from Metro Manila but also from CFD Cavite and CFD Lucena as well as from Bulacan and Tarlac.

CFD members from various parts of Luzon.

When Fr. Abe arrived the 200 strong attendees rose to their feet and gave him a standing ovation. The rousing welcome was a tribute and recognition to the man and a priest who single-handed fought the heretics and the anti-Catholics day and night in various media throughout the years. He is our very own version of Fr. Mitch Pacwa and a worthy successor to the likes of Fr. Ben Carreon and Fr. Manuel Duetao who led the defense of the faith among the clergy during the early days.

One half of the participants of the Convention

Then the program started with Atty. Marwil Llasos giving the Opening Remarks. He focused on giving thanks to God for the return home of Fr. Abe and the rise of CFD in Luzon since the ground work had been planted. The seed of CFD planted led to numerous conversions and return to the faith of those who have left. It also prevented the conversion to another faith by many young faithful and it inspired the young professionals to be active in the faith as well as to defend it in public fora.

Bro. Alife Angeles, former ADD & INC member as well as TV evangelist who is now a Catholic Seminarian. He is also the CFD Metro Manila Special Adviser for ADD-INC issues.

When Fr. Abe was called he delivered the following message:

The Church is one of the best gifts given by God to men. The Church is the mystical Body of Christ and we are so blessed to be members of this Body. Our life must be a life of gratitude for being called to be Catholics. However, we are living in a very difficult world. The Church nowadays is under attack from all front. The enemies are spending millions every day through Radio, TV, books, pamphlets, etc. to destroy the Church and to lure our faithful to change their faith from the one founded by Christ on the Apostles into one that is man-made and newly invented. Actually many had left already and a good number of them are now ardent attackers of the Church.

Young CFD members led by CFD Manila VP Louie Penafiel Hermosa, CFD Manila Secretary Don Randale Llenaresas, with Hendrick Albina and Civil Engr. Kenneth Endaya.

The CFD was formed more than 50 years ago by our brothers in the South not only to repulse the attacks of the enemies but also to empower the Catholic Laity to be strong in faith. Strong in the sense that they know their Faith and they have the courage to explain much more to defend it. The hard works and visions of our founders paid off. Try to roam around the streets of Cebu and Davao and you will rarely see a Kapilya of Iglesia ni Manalo. If ever you see one it is so small and nothing in comparison with the ones they have in Manila and neighboring places. The CFD of the South successfully protected the flocks from the wolves because they had the courage to face the anti-Catholic pastors and ministers in the plazas, parks and streets of Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Mizamis and other areas. Unlike here in Metro Manila wherein the wolves had successfully devoured numerous souls into their heresies and apostasies.

Fr. Abe with young CFD Members Phoenyx Brucelo, Feny and Bryan Montilla

Thus, we also established CFD here in Metro Manila and the neighboring places in order to duplicate the success of our brothers in the South. We have to defend and proclaim the faith. We have to face the enemies with courage and solid in doctrinal knowledge so that the power of this faith shall strengthen our people. Dahil diyan bawal ang Duwag sa CFD. Bawal din ang Tamad sa CFD…. at mas lalong bawal ang Tanga sa CFD. Mag-aral, alamin ang iyong Pananampalataya at buong giting itong panindigan at ipaglaban.

Fr. Abe with the Papal Flag and statue of St. Dominic, the destroyer of heresies

Our greatest concern and problem then must be looked upon as a source of inspiration. We must defend the faith in season and out of season even if it is difficult to do so [cf. 2 Timothy 4:2]. We must defend the faith regardless of the barriers and no matter how powerful the opposition is. We must get out of our comfort zone and be at the forefront like the Marines of the Church, like the valiant Knights of the past. ARISE CFD! ARISE IN MANILA. ARISE IN QUEZON CITY. ARISE IN CAVITE, BULACAN AND TARLAC. ARISE IN QUEZON PROVINCE. ARISE WHEREVER THE CHURCH, THE POPE AND THE BLESSED VIRGIN IS UNDER ATTACK.

Fr. Abe with Irish Gojol and company

We have to be very careful though. As we are increasing in number Satan is also restless in opposing us and trying to destroy us. Just like in the past the Devil is using power and influence to prevent us in fulfilling our mission. Until now he is still THE ACCUSER of our brothers [cf. Revelation 12:10]. Being the demon that he is he doesn’t look at the good things that we are doing instead he is throwing at us our own weaknesses and limitations, our mistakes and frailties like an expert garbage thrower. It is therefore an invitation for us to be converted by God’s grace. Let us allow the Spirit to transform us into something better… better persons and apologists. As the Lord Jesus did and the Blessed Virgin the powerful Pride of SATAN THE ACCUSER can only be defeated by our humility and solid unity. We have to be very careful. We must not give ammunition to this Devil to feed his lies and deceits against us.

Fr. Abe with Harold Blando, Lester Lopez...

Be strong then in Spirit. Held on to the Faith which we have inherited from the Apostles in communion with our Bishops and Popes. Always bear in mind that those who hope and trust in the Lord shall never be disenchanted like Cedars they shall stand, they shall rise like the Eagles and they shall be like Trees planted near running waters. As true CFD we must give thanks to the Lord in times of success and of darkness. WE MUST MARCH TOGETHER WITH FORTITUDE OF FAITH AS TRUE SOLDIERS MUST BE. Together let us proclaim our undying love to the King of kings, our LORD JESUS THE NAZARENO: 

Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno Sinasamba Ka namin

Pinipintuho Ka namin Aral mo ang aming buhay at kaligtasan.

Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno Iligtas mo kami sa kasalanan

Ang krus Mong kinamatayan ay Sagisag ng aming kaligtasan.

Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno, Dinarangal Ka namin

Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno, Niluluwalhati Ka namin.








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