My Simple Inspirational Story of Splendor of the Church Old Blog of Rev. Fr. Abe Arganiosa!

Splendor of the Church Old Blog (URL Address:                               administered by Fr. Abe Arganiosa with his co-administrator Bro. Franz Luigi Lugena now an engineer, is indeed very helpful as an aid in studying catholic faith apologetics (CFD Dipolog City) training in year 2011, 2012, 2013. I was amazed of Fr. Abe answering the questions of the Non-Catholics, that will lead me to having a sort of print copy of any articles of his blog, because it inspired me that even a priest in person of Rev.Fr. Abe Arganiosa defend the faith courageously. Fr. Abe answered the questions in logical, apologetics and theological approach. This blog helped and encouraged me to know more about our Catholic Faith. Upon knowing this blog, there is a friend of my facebook Page in person of Bro. Cielbert A. Dondoyano, Sr. a catholic faith defender of Dipolog City Chapter by searching his facebook friend list, I got to know Fr. Abe Arganiosa. I add Fr. Abe Arganiosa as my facebook friend and he automatically accept my friend request. Fr. Abe introduced his Splendor of the Church Blog to me and instructed to be the member of the blog. There is an article of his blog talked about Angelica Zambrano how Fr. Abe defend our faith no matter what kind of a person he/she is will be questioned.

By that time, I am also thinking in my mind that soon I will see this Fr. Abe in person. By the grace of God through a blessing in person of Bro. Jomar Patolumbon a co- student in Catholic Faith Apologetics training sponsored and helped me together my co- student Bro. Jugie R. Nugas except to our Sis. Crisle Cardenas a co-student who spend a money for the fare to the 35th CFD National Convention of Dumaguete City last May 26-27, 2012. That convention was not a useless to me because I see Fr. Abe Arganiosa in personal with a picture beside him. I have articles of his Splendor of the Church Blog will be a proof and evidence that his blog until today help a lot and I  know that the blog produces a lot of defenders.

I cannot give a certain article how I inspired on the blog but I know deep to my heart that this blog helped me a lot beyond my reason.

The Splendor of the Church have a new domain (www. with a lot of defenders (Accountants, Lawyers, doctors and others) together with our CFD National President Professor Engr. Ramon Gitamondoc.

Below are the pictures of 35th CFD National Convention in Dumaguete last May 2012 together Fr. Abe and other defenders:


Rev. Fr. Abe Arganiosa


having a picture with Fr. Abe Arganiosa the CFD National Spiritual Director of that time


In the left side a girl wore a black shirt is my co student in cfd Sis. Crisle Cardenas, and infront to the left side having a color black bag is Bro. JV  T. Acma a Catholic Faith Defender of Dumaguete City who guide me together my companions to the venue. A lot of defenders!


A lof of defenders having a picture of Fr. Abe Arganiosa.


the picture on the right side are Sis. Crisle Cardenas, Bro. Jugie R. Nugas, Fr. Abe Arganiosa. on the left side are defenders also with Bro. JV T. Acma a Catholic Faith Defender of Dumaguete City.


A lot of Defenders…


picture on the right side are my co defender in CFD Dipolog Bro. Arsenio Rosaciña, Sis. Lesmes, a person infront having a hat is our former CFD Dipolog Chairman Bro. Armando Saguin Sr. , beside of Fr. Abe in the right side is Fr. Lumen Rojo (deceased), on the left side is also Engr. Ramon Gitamondoc (CFD National President), on the left side wearing polo shirt color black is me (Nicholai M. Luceños) beside me is Bro. Jugie R. Nugas, beside Bro. Jugie R. Nugas(wearing white T- shirt) is our CFD Dipolog Director Atty. Miguel L. Abas (Former CFD National President).

Note: Photos being mentioned are not my owned some are being shared only to me.


About Bro. Nicholai M. Luceños,CFD:

– CFD Chapter Secretary (CFD Dipolog City Chapter,Diocese of Dipolog)


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