Service to God always is a Big Challenge to us!

          You can give a lot of service through Church organizations, ministries, movements. But don’t forget that we are urged by the Church (Roman Catholic Church)  to participate doing it not only a bound duty to priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, seminarians, religious, missionaries. On my life I have been touched a lot of situations, encounters that God give to me in everyday routine. As my life story tells:
    ” In my life childhood years, catholic devotion which is the praying of the holy rosary was my grandmother spiritual work and she also bring me often to that devotion everytime a group have a rosary. In year 2009 on my high school years praying the Holy Rosary at 4:00am or 5:00am was already part of my daily routine on that year until today. As a youngboy to the group and all the companions majority are old praying the Holy Rosary was part of their life. I am an active with that year praying the Holy Rosary with Mary at dawn is undoubtely questioned to my mind and later on  I  know that the activity is not so easy. But I did not questioned it because it comes to my mind that praying it always is not bad but a good activity. After praying the Holy Rosary is the time in morning is my high school class but I indeed do it. I know “GOD” throught praying of the Holy Rosary full of mysteries about our Lord Jesus Chris and the Role of Mary. To ask favor to Mary in intercession of prayers send to his son our Lord Jesus Christ. Down to the other encounter is part of my marian devotion is to ask God. I asked God by praying the Blessed Sacrament was not in useless because he answered my prayer. My prayer is to asked guidance on my support in taking college after high school graduation was made into reality until I graduated last october 2014 leading the course in degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management at Saint Vincent’s College Dipolog City. I achieved the degree by taking the privileged of the school Saint Vincent’s College as a working scholar in library department year 2010-2014 also the support of my neighbor who is an engineer together with the parents and other people. Now I am a professional one but having a big challenge about service to God. Because if you’re now a professional it may come unexpectedly to our life in work that can divide or even stop our service to God. Pray to God about this intention even you are far you can still continue doing the service to God.”
Nicholai M. Luceños – a former working scholar, working scholar president,former SPES President, Perpetual Dawn Rosary Movement member (since 2009-present) Dipolog City Chapter, Catholic Faith Defender Chapter Secretary Dipolog City Chapter, Knights of the altar secretary.
May this short and simple article can helped and inspired you. God Bless us All!!!

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