The Virgin and the Child

The SC decision may appear to be wimpish, but it did succeed in effectively UNMASKING the UNconstitutional
agenda of the authors and their backers, including Noynoy Aquino himself who signed the bill into law in occulto! 

How wrong they all were in mixing toxic ingredients into the RH recipe!

Pro-RH leaders will not stop, however.  Risa Baraquel has vowed that they will study their options — presumably in order to continue pursuing those 8 parts.

The SC declaration is a victory for neither side. It is a loss for the Filipino public because of the nuisance posed by depopulationist foreign interest groups and their local dummies — all these years.

Meanwhile, let us continue steadfastly ADVANCING WHAT WE ARE FOR, even as we remain firm in OPPOSING WHAT WE ARE AGAINST.

The State remains in the business of advancing sterilization, whether temporary or permanent. The SC had apparently failed to see how these technologies and procedures constitute an assault – by the State! – on the bodily integrity of its citizens.

There remain poisons in the detox version of the law.

On top of all this, we must, if we are to remain true to our beliefs, PRAY FOR THE CONVERSION OF 


They have become adversarial because deep inside they are hurting, and those who are supposed to do not seem to care about deeper issues.  Tough love is good, but only if it heals.  Affection is preferable, but only if there is an openness to healing.

It was encouraging to see this morning’s ABS-CBN Umagang Kay Ganda, Punto-Por-Punto online survey results to the question,

“Makabubuti ba ang RH Law sa Pilipinas?”

15% — Oo.

85% — Hindi.

These live results also unmask the biases of survey groups like Social Weather Stations and the paid hacks behind the “Filipinos are 70% pro-RH” advertisements.  These results also put to shame our lawmakers because by showing that our people know better than them.

Let us credit our church leaders — clergy and laity alike – for remaining brave and true in proclaiming the Gospel of Life to the common faithful.  It is important to keep the ”Gentle Giant” that guards the gate of good and evil awake and vigilant.




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