Catholics versus Protestants: A Reply

Fri, March 17, 2006 8:04:38 PMComment
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Dear Brother:

I have read your artcicle “Catholic versus Protestants” in

I am greatly appalled by the thoroughness of your ignorance regarding Catholic doctrines. For a Christian to misrepresent as true something that is false is simply unacceptable. We are told in the Ninth Commandment: “Do not accuse anyone falsely.” You do that to us Catholics.

Let me just point out, in the spirit of fairness and truth, that we Catholics DO NOT:

1. They seldom explain the Bible to seekers and new followers.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Our converts go through CCD classes where they are taught the catechism based on the Bible. The Mass has more Bible readings than any Protestant worship service.

2. The Deuterocanonicals are not part of the Bible.

Which do you think the Bible Jesus and His apostles read? It was the Septuagint, with the Deuterocanonicals included. In fact, 300 out of 350 quotations of the OT in the NT are from the Septuagint.

3. They also believe that the Gospels will not spread without our reading the Bible.

We believe that reading the Bible is absolutely useful to propagate the Gospel, not “gospels” as you falsely mentioned. Other gospels are false gospels. Bear that in mind.

Please revisit your history. Before the Church spread, there was no Bible as we know it now. The Gospel was preached orally. There was no evangelist with a Bible in hand. The Church spread for the first four hundred years without a copy of the complete Bible.

4. The Book of Judith should not be a part of the Holy Bible, for she set a sex trap.

Would we take out Genesis also? It has stories of incest among God’s people. Jacob cheated Esau.

Would we take out 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 and 2 Kings as well? David committed adultery though hew was “a man after God’s own heart”. Solomon had 1,000 wives. Tell me, do we have to take these out of the Bible as well?

No. These incidents were just honestly reported in the Bible and we are not supposed to imitate those sinful conduct. Same with the Book of Judith. What we have to bear in mind that God is able to draw good from evil.

5. Catholics worship statues, whereas Protestants are iconoclasts.

This reveals the height of your ignorance and prejudice. Please don’t accuse us of worshipping statues because WE DON’T. If you are sincerely in search for truth, some research would help. Never has there been any teaching of the Church that we should worship statues.

You mentioned that protestants are iconoclasts? And you rejoice in that? Let me inform you that iconoclasm is a heresy condemned by the Second Council of Nicea in the year 787 when Christianity was still undivided.

6. “Also, Catholics worship Madonna, sometimes even more than Messiah . They believe Maria, the Blessed Virgin, had no original sin, since one of the reasons of that Jesus had no sin was that His mother had no original sin, so that they also believe that she was sexless and had only one child, Jesus Christ . Besides, they believe she has gone to Heaven alive, the same as Jesus Christ, to be a mediator between God and human beings . But Protestants say that, although she has been a saint and worth our admiration, she has by no means been a goddess and thus should not be worshipped, according to the Ten Commandments . A human, though he or she is a saint, we should not kneel to her.”

You said a lot here. This shows your ignorance to its uttermost limit.

We don’t worship Mary.

We don’t believe that Mary is a goddess.

I wish I had the time to answer each and every statement of yours. But let me simply tell you that you got it all wrong! Please go to Catholic sources and let Catholics speak for themselves. Don’t pass around secon-hand information. Exodus 23:1 says: “Thou shalt not raise a false report.”

7. Catholics have got confused with the human body and the spirit . The original sin has been inherited in our spirit but not in our body.

Again, false information.

All sins are spiritual. But human beings are embodied spirits. We do have a body with which we commit sin. Humans are integral beings: body and soul together.

8. Protestants insist that there be no purgatory . Since the Bible has not talked about purgatory and told us those who believe in Him could be forgiven and would stay in paradise with Him, I do not believe in purgatory.

Protestants cannot believe in purgatory because it conflicts with their invention of justification by faith alone. That’s why they took out Maccabbees from the Bible. I have a lot to share to you, based from the Bible, that there is a purgatory and we who ae alive can offer our sacrifices to assist those who are dead. Read 2 Samuel 1:12 where the people of Israel fasted for the dead.

9. Catholics also believe in asceticism, not allowing themselves bodily pleasures, whereas Protestants agree that a man should marry a woman . Many Catholics have become friars or nuns in order to serve God better . Nevertheless, a man is created to leave his parents and marry a woman, and a woman is created to leave her parents and marry a man . According to the New Testament, an ascetic is much easier to be attacked by Satan than a person who lives a normal family life . Thus I cannot agree with asceticism .

I advise you to do your own Bible reading and you will find that God’s Word is more than a handful of verses.

Ascetic practices of the Church, including celibacy are taught in the Bible. If you get back to me, let’s discuss one verse at a time.

You know, when I was reading your one-sided presentation, I wanted to ignore you. But Christ’s justice demands that we air the other side. God’d Truth need be told in its entirety.

Brother, I entreat you to please do more extensive research on what we Catholics really believe. You are creating a caricature and attacking it. We are not that caricature.

If you wish to have a dialogue with me through e-mail, I invite you to reply to this. We will scrutinize, based on the Bible, each and every single allegation in your article.

In the love of the Lord,

Bro. Marwil N. Llasos


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