Pope Benedict XVI in World Youth Day at Cologne, Germany

Pope Benedict XVI in World Youth Day at Cologne, Germany

07/ 7/2013 

The Church, here are the numbers on the world’s vocations

The data from the Pontifical Yearbook attests a growth in the number of priests and religious people from 2000 to 2011: from 405 to 413 thousand

Vatican Insider Staff

The number of Vocations is growing in the world. This is demonstrated by the data contained in the Churches Pontifical Yearbook since 2011. In particular, in ten years – from 2000 to 2010 – the number of priests, diocesan and religious people in the world has increased, jumping from 405,000 to 413,000.


In 2011 – again based on the Yearbook, the Catholics in the world were 1 billion and 214 million, compared to one billion and 196 million in 2010. In one year, from 2010 to 2011, Catholics grew by 4.3% in Africa and 2.0% in Asia. In Europe, the Americas and Oceania, however, the number of Catholics has increased by 0.3%.


PRIESTS AND DEACONS – In 2011 there were 413,418 priests in the world, a thousand more than in 2010. Permanent deacons pass from 29 thousand in 2001 to around 41 thousand units in 2011 about ten years later. In total, 97.4% of permanent deacons in the world live in Europe or the Americas.


RELIGIOUS – It records the collapse of religious people in Europe (-18%), and of the religious (-22% in Europe, 21% -17% in Oceania and the Americas). On the contrary, there is an increase in Africa and Asia. 


SEMINARIANS – they continue their ascent, there were 120,616 in 2011, about 2 thousand more than in 2010.



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