The Catholic Church And The Homosexual Agenda

After a fierce battle against the promotion of artificial contraception we are once again confronted with another danger that lurks in the corner of our society. Even before they made their agenda clear they are already paving way to confront the Catholic Church head on and sooner or later we will see them crowding the streets shouting for our politicians to legalize same sex marriage and other lewd practices espouse by homosexual extremists. In other countries like United States of America, France, New Zealand and United Kingdom same sex marriage was legalized for the sake of liberty and equality. And now homosexual activists in our country are dreaming of having this law legalize in our society. However, they have one big problem, the Catholic Church in order to get rid of the Church in their way they spread lies against the Church so that people will lose trust and will no longer listen to the voice of morality.

The Church Is homophobic 
There is no clear cut definition of what homophobia is but they are fond of using this term against the Catholic Church or anyone who opposes their agenda. For homosexual extremists homophobia is a term applied to people who opposes same sex marriage. The Church is not homophobic, the Church is not against homosexuals in fact the Church wanted to guide these type of people so that they may live their life in accordance with the gospel. Same sex marriage is unnatural it only tolerates their lewd and evil acts, to legalize same sex marriage would put our society in danger. The family is the basic unit of the society same sex couples are not capable of building a normal family because first they are not capable of procreation no matter what same sex couple would do they cannot be able to procreate on their own. Their solution to this problem is that they’d be allowed to adopt a child but doing so will jeopardize the welfare of the child. In a normal family a child is expected to have a biological father and mother but in cases of homosexual couples the child would be confuse of what a real father and real mother is since at an early age he will be expose to a family wherein a male would act as a female or a female would act as a male. In the long run this would have grave consequences on the psychological development of the child. We cannot allow this kind of societal disorder to take over our society. 
The Church Is Against Homosexuality
One of the lies perpetuated by the enemies of the Church is that the Church is against homosexuals. Despise of their disorder the Church recognize homosexuals as children of God, they too are created according to the image and likeness of God. The Church believes that homosexuality is not a choice, people do not choose to be homosexual just as a person with bipolar choose to be a bipolar. There are a lot of factors that a person becomes a homosexual one of the factors is congenital which is totally out of our control. The Church is against homosexual acts that are contrary to nature and of morals the Church cannot allow this type of actions to become a normal thing because they are intrinsically evil. Just as we oppose murder, war, rape and other evil acts we too should also oppose homosexual acts such as same sex marriage.
 Preventing Homosexual Agenda Is A Form Of Discrimination 
Just as preventing crime like rape, murder and theft is not a form of discrimination against criminals preventing the homosexual agenda like sames sex marriage also is not an act of discrimination. Homosexual agenda predisposes our society to moral disorder where unnatural become natural. Same sex marriage is unnatural it is oppose to human sexuality and purpose. Homosexual couple are not capable of procreation they would only indulge themselves to lust and sin. Legalizing same sex marriage would tolerate such evil acts and in the long run we can see its ill effects on our society especially on the youth. There is only discrimination if you deprive someone of his right and homosexual agenda is not a right it is a disorder in which they wanted it to become a human right by legalizing it.



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