Should The Church Be Involved In Politics?

The massive Pro-life rally, Team Patay/ Team buhay poster and the presence of bishops during the deliberation of the RH Bill back then was just an iota of the Church’s involvement in politics. Because of these interventions the Catholic Church is under fire from politicians, Pro-RH Law advocates and atheists. According to them the Church is a religious institution henceforth it should not be involved in political matters. However, the Church’s involvement in politics did not violate any written or unwritten law as a matter of fact in every country since time immemorial the Church has been actively involving itself in politics whenever it is deem necessary. “Involvement” is compose of total and partial, when we say “total involvement” the Church or any institution is intervening in all political affairs. However, “partial involvement” constitutes involvement only matters that is of importance to the ideology of the Church or any given institution.
The Catholic Church’s involvement in politics can be called partial involvement since the Church do not intervene in all affairs that is political in nature. For instance the Church distances itself from creating or implementing laws concerning foreign policy, tax and many more. However, the Church intervenes only if laws that are being deliberated or nearing its approval by the congress are detrimental to the dignity and morality of the person such as the promotion of contraception, divorce, abortion, euthanasia etc. The Catholic Church being an institution founded by Jesus Christ has the obligation to speak out and oppose these errors that can lead people to perdition. The Church’s involvement in politics do no violate the clause found in the separation of the Church and State. There would only be violation if any of the clause will be violated.
1.) The State will not favor one religion over the other
2.) No government funds will be use to finance the advancement of religion or evangelization
3.) Conduct religious tests in public schools or as a condition for employment in government institutions
4.) Making one religion as the official state religion
When the Church speaks out against laws that are detrimental to the dignity, liberty and morality of the human person, the Church is not violating any of these clause. Therefore, the Church cannot be accused of violating the separation of the Church and the state. The Church deals not with political matters but in matters which concerns the eternal salvation of each and every soul on earth. When there are laws that threatens the salvation of souls the Church will naturally oppose it because it cares for the souls of the people that will be lead to perdition because of these laws. Aside from that since the people who are subjected to the laws and policies of the state are also the same people who were baptized and professed the Catholic faith, the Church also has the obligation to guide and teach these people the way to eternal life. The Church involves itself in politics not to destabilized the state but rather to educate, correct and guide the state whenever it is in danger of making laws that are detrimental to the life, dignity, liberty and morality of the people.



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