• Ano po iyong mga dokumento na nagpapatunay na si Pedro ang unang Papa? Salamat po
    • That Peter became the first Pope of the Catholic Church and that he resided in Rome is well-attested from historical sources. Here are some of them: 1) “Apostle Peter was the first leader of the Church even though the Church in those times was still a small organization” (World History for Better World by Neff and Planer p 1511). 2) Jesus Christ was the one who chose Peter as the leader of his Apostles” (History of Europe by Hayes, Cole and Baldwin page 56). 3) “Peter who comes from Betsaida, Galilee, prince of the Apostles and first pope. Resided in the early times in Antioch then lived for 25 years in Rome, where he was martyred in the year 64 or 67 AD” (World Almanac Edition 1963 page 298). 4) “St Peter was the first Pope of the Catholic Church and the first among her Popes” (Information Almanac Edition 1968 page 296). 5) “Paramount among these offices isthe position which was entrusted to St Peter. He was the rock whch the Church is built” (Ancient Medieval History page 236). 6) “To demonstrate the truth of this as well as the falsity of heretics, Irenaeus points to ‘that tradition derived from the Apostles, of the very great, the very ancient, and universally known Church founded and organized by the two most glorious apostles, Peter and Paul.’ Irenaeus performs the task of tracing the lineage from the blessed apostles and the next in line, Linus, to the current Bishop Eleutherius, the twelfth fromthe apostles. He says ‘For it is a matter of necessity that every church should agree with this Church, on account of it’s pre-eminent authority, that is, the faithful everywhere, inasmuch as the apostolical tradition has been preserved continuously by those faithful man who exist everywhere.” (Irenaeus Against Heresies. Translated by Rev Alexander Robertys and Rev W.H. Rambaut, Volume 5 of Ante-Nicene Christian Library). There is also implicit evidence in the Bible which alludes to Peter’s final residence in Rome. William Tyndale’s protestant version renders 1 Peter 5:13 as “The church here is Rome-She is your sister in the Lord-sends you her greetings so does my son Mark” A commentary of this says [Author: Peter, the Apostle; Place: Rome; Date 66; Content: The letter was written by Peter shortly before his death and deals with the problem that Peter saw would remain after his departure. From: “The Book” Tyndale Bible Version, 1979 Tyndale House Publishers Inc, Wheaton Illinois, page 1252]. I hope you will be happy with these references Brian. God bless!

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