The Iglesia Ni Cristo is the only true Christian Church?

The Iglesia Ni Cristo is the only true Christian Church?

I’ve studied within this church for nearly 6 months now and I’ve spoken to multiple Ministers too. However, despite my 28 lessons as a bible student, there still remains a lot of suspicion about the Iglesia Ni Cristo. They claim that they are the “true” church and that salvation cannot be found elsewhere. They refer to multiple bible verses to justify their beliefs such as (Isaiah 43:5, Acts 20:28, Romans 16:16, and etc). However after close examination, it’s abundantly clear that those verses (especially ones that read “church of christ”) are taken out of context. Filipinos nor the Philippines are ever mentioned in the Bible. They reason that in Isaiah 43:5 (Moffatt Translation) the phrase “Far East” refers to the Philippines; therefore this is one of many verses which proves their belief. Sadly, this is based on an incorrect translation, because the original Hebrew of Isaiah 43:5 only reads “East” NOT “Far East.” Even if the actual text read “Far East” (which it doesn’t), it has no correlation with the Philippines, because God was speaking to the Jews of Israel (specifically to Jacob with the bringing of his seeds from the East and gathering them from the West).
Now in terms of Acts 20:28, they also depend on this verse to justify their beliefs simply because it reads “Church of Christ.” However, the actual Greek of that verse reads “Church of God.” Once again, another example of an incorrect translation in order to justify their teachings. I do not see ANY proof whatsoever that deems them to be the “only true Church.” There are hundreds of different Churches around the world with the title “Church of Christ” so I don’t understand their logic with this notion. Furthermore, if the Iglesia Ni Cristo believe that the only way of finding salvation is through them, then they’ve got a lot of burden on their shoulders. The Iglesia Ni Cristo was established on July 27, 1918, so by definition all Christians alike didn’t go to heaven and burned in hell prior to the Church. (Article from QQRom)

3 thoughts on “The Iglesia Ni Cristo is the only true Christian Church?

  1. henro suyom

    Granting without conceeding that you really undergone a Bible study under the tutelage of INC minister, do i need to be amazed that you do not understand the essence and purity of the gospel being preached and embrazed by millions? NO! Why? Because you are not doing it, hearing it to find the truth. You are a fault finder. You have a pre-concieved idea that this church, INC. is not the true Church.

    But if you will do your research with an open mind, eagerness to know the truth and besseched God for help to find these truth, God will show you the path to understanding.

  2. Ken Quezon

    @Henro. The classic alibis of the INC members. If we did not buy your teachings then we are fault finder, that we don’t want the truth, that we are not chosen to understand the truth. Here are the INC lessons, discussed here how Manalo engineered your lessons in such a way that it will look like accurate.


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