The RH LAW (Republic Health Law) Part 1 By: Bro.Giovanni M. Legaspi,CFD

                                                 Responsible Parenthood

                          DBA/CFD PRO 2   Bro. GIOVANNI M. LEGASPI,CFD

                                              April 8, 2013      Time: 5:57pm


           Initially it sounds not bad  “RH LAW” or ” Responsible Parenthood”  “Republic Health Law”  scientifically yet to its authencity , the artificial method of family planning is a reverse direction to its substance. Genesis 1:1 “_” Genesis 1:26,27,28 (Old Testament). carnal intercourse or sexual intercourse have had done. 1 Corinthians 7:13 Saint Paul have said this in his    epistle. In the Gospel: Matthew 5:32 stated that if a man/husband will annul with his woman/wife , the man/husband has sinned. In Psychology a woman has in herself the “pennis    envy” because she thinks and ask herself why do she has no male sex organ? Now, Psychologically to its divine. explanation further , there is NO MATTER (artificial family planning) will involve in a Good (not bad) Responsible Parenthood Technology is man’s invention whether low-tech or high-tech. The Creation first was made by Jesus and his creatures including man uses his wisdom scientifically explained. Using the Scientific Method in no contradiction to Jesus our true God and true Man will basically a person whom wanted to used it will recognized Jesus first. Proof :  Matthew 7:21 Looking to or in the crucifix is half of the half true to know Jesus. To argue with Deuteronomy 5:9 (Old Testament) putting our mind to the scientific explanation, biblically, the foreword itself was basing in the Mosaic Law. However, recently in Christian (New Testament) says that Hebrew 8:7,8-13 this error that God have found was not a mistake. To Continue with, He needed the Second Testament or the New Testament. To the extend, in the Sacrament of Marriage at the Roman Catholic is not purely to or in Sole Family Planning. The Roman Catholic Opposes the RH LAW. The Roman Catholic repeal the RH LAW.



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