OUR LADY’S ASSUMPTION By: Bro.Fredeschito “Boy” Gador,CFD Chapter President

Huwebes, Nobyembre 01 2012

  Is the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary biblical and believable ? This is one of the most controversial Protestant questions pertaining to the Catholic teaching and belief. But before discussing further the validity and biblical context of this precept, we should remember always that with God nothing is impossible (Luc.1:37 ). It’s so simple. If God wishes that Mary’s body will remain incorruptible and be assumed into heaven, then who are we to question God’s will?

But for Protestants, this logic is not enough to invalidate their claim that this Catholic teaching is fictitious and not biblical.  Well,  it  is  our  duty  to  explain  to our Protestant brothers and sisters things  they  do  not clearly  understand about the Catholic faith. First, is Mary’s assumption an isolated case?  Truth is there have been cases and events like this even recorded in the old testament.   God has given the privilege to his chosen ones.  In Gen. 5: 24   Enoch did not suffer death because  God  has taken  him  alive, body and soul.  Also, God has done the same to Enoch and Elijah. Then it happened, as  they continued on and talked, that suddenly  a  chariot of fire appeared  with  horses  of  fire, and separated  the  two  of  them;  and  Elijah went  up  by  a  whirlwind  into  heaven. 2 Kings  2 : 11.
Our  Lady need not  be beatified  or canonized  (pertaining to the Catholic practice) after  her  death  for  the Heavenly  Father  through  his angel  already  has done itAnd  having  come in,  the  angel  said  to her, “Rejoice,  His highly  favored  one the  Lord  is  with  you;  blessed  are  you  among  woman! “   (Luc. 1: 28 a ). And   all generation  shall  call her  blessed  ( Luc. 1: 48 ).  God  chooses  and  sanctifies someone  for his  purpose even  before  her/  his  birth ( Jeremiah 1:5  &  Romans  8:28-29 ).
Who can take out  a  clean  thing  out  of  an  unclean container?  No  one.  ( Job  14: 4 )  But  Jesus  is  from  Mary’s  womb,  and Jesus has  no sin  ( 1 John 3: 5 ).  It is written that wisdom will  not  dwell  on anyone  who  is  filthy and  full  of  sins  ( Wisdom  1: 4      Catholic bible  )  and  we know that Jesus  is  the  power  and  wisdom of  God  ( 1  Cor. 1: 24 )  who dwelt  in Mary’s  womb.  Mary  is  sinless  through  preventive  salvation which will be discussed in my next post.   In   John  6: 53-56 ,  Jesus  said that his  body  and  blood  are  the  true  food  and  drink  for   salvation.  But  we  should  remember  always  that  the  flesh  and blood  of  Jesus  was   from  Mary.  Every  time  we  take  communion  we  are  not   receiving   Jesus’  flesh  and  blood  only  but  also  his  mother’s . If  Jesus  had  resurrected and ascended  to  heaven  ( Acts  1: 11 ) , is  it  not reasonable that the same should happen to Mary’s body being the vessel of the divine?
Now  therefore , if  you will  indeed  obey  my  voice  and  keep  my  covenant,  then  you  shall  be  bspecial  to  me  above  all  people;  for  all  the  earth  is  mine  ( Exo.  19: 5 ).  The  Israelite  answered, “all  that  the  Lord  has  spoken  we  will  do”  so  Moses  brought   back   the  words  of  the  people  to  the  Lord “(Exo. 19: 8 ).  The  first  covenant (agreement )   was   made  between  God  and   the  Israelites.  The ark  of  the  first  covenant  was  made  of  wood  decorated with  two   Angels  made of gold  (Exo. 25: 10,18 ).  This  ark  is  inside  King Solomon’s   temple ( 2  Cro. 6: 10-11 ).  But  Jesus  said  that  all  of this  will be  wiped   out  together  with  the adversaries  and  not  even a  single  stone will be left  ( Luc.  19: 41-44 ).  The  second  covenant  was  established through  Christ.  For  God  so  loved  the  world  that  He  gave  His  only  begotten  Son,  that  whoever  believe  in   Him  should  not  perish  but  have  everlasting  life ( John  3: 16 ).  The  first  covenant  was  replaced  by  the  second covenant,  and  there  have been  several  changes as with regards the commandments . Please refer to  Matt  5:  27-48.  Jesus  also  said  “If  you  love  me , keep  my  commandments”.  ( John 14: 15 ).  Please  refer  also to  2  Cor.  3: 3,6  as  to  the  second  covenant.  Jesus has commanded them  to   make  disciples  of  all  nation.“ Teaching   them  to  observe  all  things  that  I  have  commanded  you…”. (Matt 28: 19-20 a ,b,).  And  the  ark  of  this  new  ( second ) covenant  is  the  womb  of  the  Blessed  Virgin  Mary.  It  was  prophesied  that  this  Ark  will  be  with  the   Lord  in his  resting  place ( Psalm  132: 8).  This  Ark  (Mary) was  also  seen   in   heaven. (Rev. 11:19  & Rev. 12: 1-2,  ; 12: 5). All of these prophesies point to the reality of Blessed Lady’s  assumption.  It is  biblical  and  understandable .  With regards  question  of  whether  it is  possible,  we  Catholics,  believe  God’s  manifestation by faith.
Any  questions  regarding  the  Catholic   Dogma  will  be  appreciated , I’ll  try  my  very  best  to  answer  with  the   help  of   our  priest  and  of  the  Holy  Spirit.  Thank  you and God  bless.

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