Standard References ( Roman Catholic Church )By: Nicholai Lucenos

Standard References Telling that The Roman Catholic Church is Founded by Jesus Christ,

Encyclopedia International  Page 520, Volume 15.

Roman Catholic Church,

There are two equally valid definitions nature of Jesus Christ, its founder, who was both human and divine.

The New Book of  Knowledge Page 281, Volume 16.

The history of the Roman Catholic Church began in an upper room in Jerusalem almost 2,000 years ago. The Church may be described as the society that Jesus founded, which is vitalized by the Spirit of God and organized according to a structure which he established. The history of the Roman Catholic Church traces the destinies of that society from its beginning until now.

The World Almanac and Book of  Facts 2010 Page 710

Roman Catholics Traditionally, founded by Jesus who named St. Peter the 1st vicar; developed in early Christian proselytizing , especially after the conversion of imperial Rome in the 4th cent.

This documents is the proof that the Roman Catholic Church is Founded by Jesus Christ, If  you are doubtful that the Church is not founded by Jesus can you post any article telling that the Church is found of any bishop. Thank You And God Bless Us All…


I’ am a reader of any apologetics blog, website, articles that knocking my interest to study what the Catholic Is?. When I read some articles of some apologist on the website of Catholic Faith Defenders which is the topic written by Bro. G-one Paisones. On the context of an article it talks about the Church and provided by its standard references, on the time when I read these I feel happy that there is a certain proof telling the Founder of the Church. On the otherhand after reading and currently working as a student assistant of certain school in which I am assigned in Library Department. I feel interested to find the references and to have a copy of that. I think that there is a certain reference which is needed on the time come, I am no longer waiting for someone to have a copy but to have a research of that. As a Third year Business Student grant a opportunity enroll as a worker of the school I photocopy of that references immediately which is useful to us. When I have copy of that nowadays, I am not  deserving of being a Researcher but this document is the Intellectual Research of another. On These Research References I feel interested through Bro. G-one Paisones and the other apologist which is my mentor of this Church Founded by Jesus Christ. Thank You, Bro….


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