The Beast (666) By: Bro. Nicholai Lucenos,CFD


Revelation 13: 18

This calls for wisdom. whoever is intelligent can figure out the meaning of the number of  the beast, because the number stands for the name of someone. Its number is 666. (Today’s Version ).


My Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ, This is the accusation of our beloved separated brethren, who are telling and pinpointing that our pope is the beast. They are using the Tiara ( VICARIUS FILII DEI ) who are calculated in number of 666.

This argument is no longer in the essence of truth, because it cannot stand itself without understanding the text of that verse. The Correct Interpretation of this verse is about the name of someone who are calculated in the number of 666 (Beast).

On The Side of (Vicarius Filii Dei ) What Does it Mean,

Vicarius Filii Dei (Latin: Vicar or Representative of the Son of God) is a phrase first used in the forged medieval Donation of Constantine to refer to Saint Peter, a leader of the Early Christian Church and regarded as the first Pope by the Catholic Church.[1] Its interpretation has been disputed, at times, during the past four centuries.


By the way, this Title is not a name of the Pope.


That’s why this argument is without a sense of Truthfullness.

The other part of the book of revelation Chapter 13: 6,

It began to curse God, his name, the place where he lives, and all those who live in heaven.

The Question Is,

Is the pope did something who is blasphemous to God, his name, the place where he lives ?

Kindly post your comment on this Question,


John 21: 15-17 (Bro. Soc Fernandez, CFD  National Adviser )

After they had eaten, Jesus said to Simon Peter, ” Simon son of John, do you love me more than these others do?”

” Yes, Lord,” he answered , ” you know that’ I love you”.

Jesus said to him, ” Take care of my sheep .” A tgird time Jesus said, ” Simon son of John, do you love me?

and so he said to him, ” Lord, you know everything ; you know that I love you! Jesus said to him, ” Take care of my sheep.

Pope Benedict 16 is the successor of Peter.


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